Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Welcome to the party!

Welcome to the beginning of what I hope will be a long and rewarding relationship.  I've been a table top RPG player for a very long time, and most of that time has been spent running games.  I hope to share with you some of the things I've learned over the years and maybe learn a few things from you as well.

For years I've had friends say that I should write down some of the things I know about being a GM and gaming in general.  It sounds easy, and then I prowl the internet for a while and discover that there are plenty of other people out there sharing advise and starting conversations with the role-playing game community and think to myself "Someone has already covered what I could cover."  and that has been enough to discourage me.

Recently I've started to try and get my creative juices flowing by diving into some creative efforts.  Blogging and You Tube video creation have topped the list.  And that brings us to here.  A blog, one of several, where I share my expertise and knowledge with the internet and see what happens.

About me.  I'm in my late 40s and have been playing table top RPGs for about the last 35 years or so.  I've played in and run a lot of systems.  I've seen some of the evolution of mechanics and story telling systems and been excited about the changes in the industry and the hobby.  Unlike some of my gaming friends I don't have strong love/hate sorts of feelings towards game engines.  Mechanics are there to give us a framework to operate in.  They should be complex enough to handle what the group needs and wants, but ignorable enough that if they start to hinder the story or the flow of play the group can comfortably hand wave some things.

I can't honestly say I have a favorite genre either.  My moods have taken me across a wide and varied landscape of game genres.  More often than not enjoying a game has very little to do with the mechanics or the genre.  If the story and the characters are compelling, I will stick with a game for a long time.  Conversely, if the game is meh, but I enjoy the players interaction and have fun I will also hang around.  Gaming is a social thing, so no matter what the people involved need to be part of the fun.

Over the course of this blog I'll talk about game engines, and mechanics, and genre.  I expect the majority of what I talk about though to be how to tap into the will of the players (not the characters) to craft your stories.  After all, the title of the blog is Players Write The Best Adventures.

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