Monday, October 9, 2017

It's not writers block if I just don't care is it?

I'm running a game I have run before.  New group of players, to help refine elements of the story and see how different groups tackle the same situations.  It's something I have done pretty regularly over the decades I've been running games.

So I decided that I wanted to create a settings guide, using the material for this game.  I have run it a few times, I have some really cool ideas (I think), and I wouldn't mind putting my feelers out into the world of digital game material publishing.  Who knows, maybe I can make a buck along the way.

The problem is I'm in a bit of a lift funk.  It usually happens every winter when I can't ride my motorcycle.  It looks gorgeous outside, then you step outside and and realize that it was a lie.  But, come Spring when the weather starts to get warm again I fire up the motorcycle as my daily commuter vehicle and everything seems better.

This year I have, for a variety of reasons, not been on the bike that much.  And I feel 'meh' about everything.  Naturally this is making it really hard to care about writing, anything.  I'm still running the game, and still enjoying hanging out with the players, but I'm just not motivated to write.

This is bleeding over somewhat into my other writing projects, like my blogs.  Yes, this one as well.  I have things I want to write down, but I really don't have the energy.  Sort of. 

I'm wondering if this funk is starting to creep into the games.  Both the ones I run and the ones I play in.  Would I know?  If my players were to say, "Hey, all of your NPCs are depressing sacks.  You okay?"  that would certainly be a clue.  Granted there are certainly some of the NPCs that are depressing sacks, but not ALL of them.

I have been trying to jot down notes on important elements of the game setting.  Just so that I have some of the ideas on paper in the event my brain ever does start working again. 

I also think I need to buy some more settings books from online.  See how other people have structured their material, how they've organized it.  There are a lot of questions when it comes to formatting, organization, and art that will still need to be addressed.  I'm just wishing I felt like I gave a darn about any of it.

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